Styles of Windows for Your Omaha Home

There are a variety of window styles for replacement and new construction available. Done Right Home Improvements can help you select the window styles and sizes that fit your Omaha home and install them professionally. Window styles include:

Top and bottom sash slide up and down within the window frame. With most current window models, the sash not only vertically, but tilt in for cleaning.

Single-hung windows look similar, but only the lower sash moves up and down.


Triple-hung windows, with three sliding sash, are also used in some very large openings.

Hinged on the on the side of the window frame, the sash will swing out left or right. Most are operated by a crank.

Sash slide horizontally within the frame. Also called sliding windows or gliders, these units may feature one fixed (non-moving) sash and usually one or two sliding sash.

Similar to casements, except the sash is hinged to the top of the window frame. Opening out in this manner allows awnings to be left open in light rain.

May be a large picture window, designed for optimum view or an accent window.

Windows that protrude from the exterior wall and consist of a center fixed or picture window and two operable flanking units on either side, angled back toward the main wall.

Like bays, bow windows also protrude from the exterior wall. They generally consist of a series of narrow casement or fixed windows combined in a gently-formed arc.


Transom – A window located directly above another window or door.

Other windows styles not shown include Garden, Jalousie, Hopper, Utility and French Casement.


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