Roofing Problems

Omaha Roofing Problem Contractors

As the roof of you Omaha home ages, the chances of problems developing increase. If your roof is more than 15 years old, or has any of the warning signs listed below, your roof may already have a problem. Depending on the condition of your roof and type of damage to your shingles, We either repair or replace the roof on your Omaha area home. Typical roofing problems and their causes include:
  • Ceiling spots – caused by roof leaks and improper ventilation
  • Damaged flashing – usually caused by animals, ice and wind&
  • Missing shingles – usually caused by high winds
  • Buckling and curling – caused by improper ventilation, poor installation or defective product
  • Blistering and dents – can be caused by moisture in shingles or hail
  • Missing granules – while normal following a new installation, this can be a sign of aging shingles
  • Rotting – caused by moisture absorption by shingle core
  • Algae growth – caused by deposits of airborne algae
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