Roof Inspections

Omaha Roof Inspections

For Omaha roofing inspections, look no further than Done Right Home Improvements, the experts in Omaha roofing. Thorough roof inspections are essential to maintaining the safety and integrity of your Omaha home. Roof inspections can help you maximize the resell value of your home by identifying problem areas (such as sagging shingles or moisture build-up), which can indicate if  and when it is time for a new roof.

Omaha roof inspections for Done Right are efficient, affordable and non-invasive.  Your roof inspection will include a thorough examination of the roof covering (tiles, shingles, metal, and all under-layers), rafters, sheathing, and flashing (coverings that prevent leaks).  The insulation and ventilation systems in your house also play a critical part in longevity and durability of your roof, so we will also assess any attic space, louvers, and ventilation systems. Internal moisture and rafter rot cause serious roof damage.  A thorough roof inspection by our Omaha roofing experts can alert you of a potential roofing repair problem or issue, before it becomes more extensive and costly.

It’s always the right time to get your Omaha roof inspected, but it’s especially important after a major storm, which can do serious damage to Omaha roofing. If you notice a chilly draft in your home, you might be missing a shingle or two, a quick fix for our roofing professional!

Save money, protect your home, and be proactive by scheduling a roof inspection with Done Right Home Improvements today!


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